Lefkada entrance from the air

Discover Lefkada

Legend has it that the moment you face Lefkada when you first enter the island, you will fall in love with its unparalleled beauty. Not only will its historic monuments, impressive beaches, vivid nightlife and sports capture your interest but, they will also live in your heart for years to come!

Lefkada town alley

The town

The Castle of Santa Mavra stands in the entrance of the island, welcoming you just before you cross the bridge that leads you to the capital of Lefkada.

Starting from the central square, lose yourself in the picturesque alleys of the town paved during the Venetian period. Spoil yourself in the traditional tavernas, smart cocktail bars and ice cream parlours.

Along the central pedestrian street, where the heart of the town beats, you can visit most of the major monuments and traditional churches.

Visit the Phonograph, Radio and Traditional Museum to get a sense of life on Lefkada in the past and the Museum of Aggelos Sikelianos to learn about the life and work of one of the greatest poets of his time.

The Churches of Agios Minas and Agios Nikolaos are worth visiting. In the backyard of the private church of Pantokratoras lies the grave of Aristotelis Valaoritis, an exceptional poet and writer.

Church in the castle of Agia Mavra, entrance of lefkada

Villages of the island

The Holy Monastery of Faneromeni, between the villages of Frini and Tsoukalades, with its spectacular panoramic view and its welcome and relaxing feeling, will definitely reward you to the maximum. In the Monastery you can also visit the Ecclesiastic Museum, the Nautical Museum and its small farm.

Karia is the biggest and most historical mountain village of Lefkada and it is located at the center of the island. Here, you can see the local women wearing their traditional costume. If there on 11th August, you will have a unique chance to watch a representation of a Lefkadian traditional wedding.

Located facing the famous Scorpios island, Nydri is a cosmopolitan village with many facilities to offer. From the local port you can board on boats for a day cruise around several small islands. It is also worth visiting the waterfalls of Dimosari, a cool escape on very hot days. Ιf you like hiking, you will certainly love it!

Vassiliki is the southest village of Lefkada. In the bay there are tavernas, cafes, bars, gift shops, boutiques and you can also have access to other Ionian islands (Corfu, Paxoi, Ithaca, Zakinthos and Kefalonia).

village of lefkada island


Having some of the best beaches worldwide, in Lefkada you can spot your ideal location to enjoy the sun. The nine Blue Flag rated beaches are Agios Ioannis, Gira, Pefkoulia, Kathisma, Porto Katsiki, Nidri, Mikros Gialos (Poros), Ponti and the Marine in the city of Lefkas.

Pefkoulia beach: A large sandy beach, clean sea and pines all the way to the shore with a part of it being organised.

Agios Nikitas: The main beach of the village stands in front of the cafes and tavernas and can be reached easily on foot (only 200 meters from our pansion). It is almost never wavy and there is plenty of room for the kids to play in and out of the water.

Mylos beach: The visitor can access it following the scenic footpath stretching from Agios Nikitas (a 20-minute walk) or by boarding the taxi-boat from the beach of our village. Its pure white sand and deep turquoise waters offer a splendid sight, especially when seen from above.

milos beach tirquoise waters, Agios Nikitas

Kathisma - Kavalikefta - Megali Petra - Avali: All these beaches are easily accessible and close to Agios Nikitas. Their unique beauty lies in their turquoise waters with their pebbles and sand, blurring with the lush green of the mountain surrounding them. Kathisma is today Lefkada’s most cosmopolitan seashore, organised with umbrellas, loungers, beach bars and restaurants.

Gialos beach: Just before Athani village, you can enjoy the soft sand of Gialos beach. The sightseeing and the turquoise water can make Gialos your best choice if you like organised but not crowded places.

Egremni beach : A famous beach of 2 km long surrounded by impressive cliffs and pure water, considered one of the best of the Mediterranean sea. Egremni is the longest beach of the island where you can enjoy its amazing pale sand. It is accessible by boat from Nydri or Vassiliki.

Egremni beach from a boat

Porto Katsiki: The island’s most famous beach, that gets busy in high season. Starting from our pansion, you should take 45 minutes of driving to reach this outstanding beach and enjoy the coloured water. You go down a path with a hundred steps from the parking area (with plenty of canteens) or reach it by boat from Nydri and Vassilki.

Agiofili Beach : Agiofili is situated near the village of Vassiliki, from where you can access it through boats or by following the path beginning from the village.

Mikros Gialos: Below Poros village, sheltered in Rouda Bay, you find the peaceful and attractive pebble beach of Mikros Gialos, with its unpolluted and calm waters. There are camping sites and restaurants in the area.

Porto Katsiki Beach, air-photo
bay of Vlicho, a small village of Lefkada near Nydri, full of sailboats


The beach of Agios Ioannis and the bay of Vassiliki are the ideal places for those who seek the thrill of windsurfing and kitesurfing. Famous surfers from all around the world renew their date every summer during the Water Sports Festival in Vassiliki.

Enjoy the variety of watersports available in the calm bay of Nydri. Boat trips around several small islands are organised daily, offering the chance to sail around the Ionian and marvel its unspoilt beauty.

Cultural events are organized throughout the summer for lovers of the theatre, painting, music and literature. In the last week of August, do not miss The International Folklore Festival where traditional dances from all around the world are presented.

Kite-surfers and wind-surfers in action, Agios Ioannis Lefkada


Paragliding is one of the most unforgettable experiences with flights carried out from different locations on the island, such as Kathisma and Kalamitsi. Feel the air in your hair and the freedom in your heart and the breathtaking view will reward you.

Welcome to Lefkada…where the beat of your heart becomes a bit faster… where your mind mingles with the local mentality… where you expect to return… to enjoy your holidays to the fullest!